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Seeking counseling can sometimes be difficult or scary and I believe that asking for help is a great expression of strength. My goal is to create a comfortable environment in which you can share your story and my approach is collaborative; working with you to identify your needs, the issues you want to address, and the goals that you want to achieve while in therapy.

I believe that no matter our age, our lives are filled with triumphs and challenges. Sometimes our experiences leave us hurt or struggling and in need of new or revised thinking, behavior, or direction. ‘Awareness’ is the first step in the process and as we grow in self-awareness, and our understanding of others, we learn why we think, feel, and behave as we do; important elements necessary for our change and growth. We all have our own story and in helping you to tell yours, I will guide you in identifying your strengths and making changes where needed to achieve your goals.

My style is interactive and collaborative (a dialogue between the two or more of us) and I believe that there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ to helping. Ultimately it is the rapport and trust that you and I build together that is most important in the process. I honor diversity and welcome people from all cultures and strive to help you on your journey towards healing, growth and well-being.

I’ve provided counseling in a variety of settings including private and group practice within the community, an inner-city agency, universities, and psychiatric hospitals. With an integrated counseling approach, I help young adults, adults, couples, parents, and families facing a wide range of social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 

Additionally, I have a wealth of experience and passion for helping people of all ages (teens, young adults and adults) facing career-related challenges and transitions. I provide tailored services, as well as the job search tools necessary for work-life satisfaction and success. I invite you to explore the Blue Sky Counseling Services Career Tab to learn more.

Find out more about my Credentials, Areas of Experience, the People I work with and the Treatment Approaches I use.

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