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Career Counseling

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Your Work. Your Choices. Your Story. 

To be fully successful, we must create and take ownership of our own story.

This thought may be overwhelming and lead to a myriad of questions including (but not limited to):

  •        Why is deciding on a career, vocation, or direction so difficult for me?

  •        Why am I so unhappy in my work?

  •        How do I keep repeating the same behaviors or mistakes?

  •        How do I begin or return to work?

  •        What would it take to re-invent my career or direction?

  •        What is standing in the way of my achievement and success?


In fact, success is more than just achievement. Success includes addressing your ‘stuck places’, personal reflection, becoming aware of your thoughts and behaviors, and exploring your choice, so that you can make changes and develop the self-understanding and self-insight necessary to write or rewrite your story.

My experience includes more than two decades in the corporate/business world, work as a career counselor at a four-year university helping undergraduates, graduate students, and returning adults, plus more than a decade of providing one-on-one career support.

My approach integrates career counseling and psychotherapy that results in a comprehensive treatment strategy to help you address your individual needs.

Navigating career issues, work-related challenges, vocational problems, and decision-making can be a daunting process. I can help. 

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