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Relationship Counseling

Support Groups

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate with one another or stuck in a dance of hurt or frustration?


Would you both like to understand your communication dynamics and styles so that you can interact with greater choice and loving intention?

Have years of relationship strife, trust issues, and unhappiness left you and your partner fearful and uncertain that change in your relationship may ever happen?


Do you and your partner face parenting challenges, blended-family issues, unhealthy interactions with ex-spouses, or extended family boundary issues that impact your harmony and relationship?


Are you and your partner planning to tie the knot and interested in addressing important issues such as the way you make decisions and solve problems together or need to sort out topics such as finances, children, in-laws, sharing tasks, and other key areas and situations before you marry?


Would you like to have healthier interactions with your adult siblings to reduce tension and promote greater harmony and connection within your relationship or your family?


Relationship counseling involves working with people involved to improve problematic issues that are putting stress on the relationship. It  is often used to help people in an intimate relationship and brings couples or partners together for joint therapy sessions.

The reasons you may seek counseling are as unique as your relationship itself. My commitment is to help you and your partner or other, to solidify your union and to reach your goals through a process of discovery so that you will both feel empowered to make changes and achieve the relationship with one another that you both desire.

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