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Career Services

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Looking for a new job, working to land a promotion, deciding on a direction, or making a career change can be a lot like building a house; you need the proper tools and to lay down a solid foundation.

The tools you’ll need to build a sound foundation for your education, job search and employment future include an a solid career direction, impressive resume, a convincing cover letter, the ability to plan and network, and of course strong interview skills. I can help you develop these tools.

To support career development, search and transition, I offer assistance as well as education exploration, through my 
Career Mindspace offerings.

I provide assistance to:


  • Making a Career Change

  • Making a Job Change

  • Returning to the Workforce

  • Preparing for Later Life-stage Work

College Students

High School Students

I offer assistance with:

  • Resume Writing

  • Cover Letter Writing

  • Interview Preparation

  • Job Search Management

  • How to Choose an Educational Field of Study / College / Major/Minor

  • How to Work with College Campus and Vocational School Career Services

** These services are not covered by insurance carriers.**
Please inquire about associated fees and how we may work together in support of your individual needs.

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