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Starting Therapy

Why do individuals, couples, and families seek counseling?


The reasons people seek counseling are vast and uniquely personal. There is no “right reason” but some of those noted by others include the desire to access professional support for difficulties that are affecting us adversely; to develop new skills to tackle problematic circumstances; to understand conflicts with spouses, partners, family members, and others; to address struggles with self-expression, confidence, self-compassion, authenticity, and healthy personal boundaries, to identify unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior that perpetuate ongoing pain including those developed in early life; to move through transition points (beginnings and endings) with greater ease; and to develop healthier connections, more satisfying experiences, and joy in life.


How does counseling work and what is the length of time I can expect to be in therapy?


Your time involved in counseling will be as individual as your goals for therapy. It is dependent on many factors including your reasons for seeking counseling, how frequently and consistently you attend sessions, your level of motivation for change, and the type of concerns or issues you are addressing. To help you reach your goals, as we move through the process together, we will both measure your progress along the way, and refine and revise as needed until we find your work is complete. Therapy is a collaborative process, and I encourage you to share your preferences along the way and provide me with feedback as we work together.


What can I expect in the first session?


Once you’ve complete the information requested on the Contact page, we will reply and provide information and answers to questions you may have. We will gather key information including the particulars pertaining to your insurance plan if we are In-Network with that group (continue to the ‘Fees and Insurance’ Tab in this section for more information). We’ve also included guidance about things for you to note when speaking to your insurances provider and additional information for Out-of-Network and Self-Pay Options

When we have established services and set a first appointment, you will receive a few preliminary documents for completion prior to our session. Our first session will focus on a comprehensive assessment including your reasons for seeking counseling and your goals, and will allow time for us to get to know one another and for any additional questions you may have as we begin our time together.

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