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Stroke Support

Stoke recovery takes time.

Support is essential for stroke survivors, caregivers, and families.


Stroke is an unpredictable, frightening, life-disrupting crisis event that occurs suddenly leaving both the individual and family members ill-prepared.


Although most people feel some degree of stress in their lives at one time or another, the sudden nature of a medical crisis may leave us frightened, frustrated, emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted. Adjustment in the days, weeks, months, and even years after is a process.


Whether it’s a new role and caregiving responsibilities that feel overwhelming, feelings of grief and loss, adapting emotionally and psychologically to changes as a stroke survivor, or working out ways to navigate post-stroke life as an individual, spouse, adult child, couple or family, seeking assistance to navigate the wide range of emotions we experience is both common and necessary.


I draw from my experiences as a caregiver, partner, therapist, and member of the local Stroke community to provide Post-Stroke Emotional and Psychological Care to Stroke Survivors, Caregivers, and their Families through a personalized counseling approach that focuses on the need for compassionate mental health support.

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